Writers and Contributors

SoCal News is published by Mr. James A. Prince.

Current events, everyday life, the weather, the sky, nature, people, TV shows, print ads, commercials, the news, movies, conversations, comments, music, trends, technology, food and drink are sources of inspiration.

The Creator is the source of the writer's energy and supplies the free time needed to conceptualize, formulate, optimize, put it into writing, type it up, proofread (argh) and finally publishing and promoting it. Google then takes over after this delicate process. In fact, be forewarned, Google may eventually take over everything else, if they haven't already -- Google, social media and Apple.

Mr. James A. Prince is the main writer. Ms. Vi Blessed is a freelance contributor.

Mr. Prince's wife and kids are his critics and motivators. Comments are the cherries on top.