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10 Things to Do to Prepare for the Big One

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California is Shaking: Time To Get Ready

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People in California, be it in Northern, Central or in Southern California (SoCal) including the Los Angeles (LA) Area have been warned time and time again to be ready for the so-called Big One. The Big One being a strong quake in the magnitude and destruction of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Earthquake Drought
Why? Because aside from the normal shakers, it has relatively been very calm in this area for quite a long time. But after a series of stronger "shakings" these past weeks in many parts of California as well as in other areas within the Pacific Ring of Fire, such as in Chile, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, it might just be a matter of time.
It has been a dry season in California for several years now. And you know what they say, that's earthquake weather. I'm not predicting anything and certainly not hoping or praying for it to happen anytime soon but when the earth is ready to move, it waits for no one.

So here is a list of ten things that you should have prepared for before the earth starts shaking violently.

10 Things To Do To Prepare For The Big One
1. First off, Strap everything down; this includes TVs, monitors, tall furniture, fixtures, cabinets and anything that will break or cause injury.
2. Prepare a Plan, this disaster can strike anytime and you or your loved ones can be together or at different locations. A plan for every situation should be made, discussed among your loved ones and specific instructions should be memorized.
3. First Aid Kits are a must. You should have one by your bedside, inside your car or your workplace.
4. To simplify, prepare like you're going camping, so aside from your first aid, you should also have important items such as flashlights, portable radios, tools, a sleeping bag, clothes and other essentials. And besides with everything expected to be out (no power, water, gas, telephone, cable and internet), it would really be like you are really going camping out of nowhere.
5. Get a landline phone unit that does not need electrical power. I know this is old-school and most times hard to find. But in case you have a landline, an old phone connected to it might be your only way to communicate when everything else is out.
6.Know where and how to turn off water, electricity and gas. This one is a biggie.
7. Car, as I've mentioned you need keep a first aid kit and also a disaster/camping kit inside your car. Keeping a spare car key with you is also a good idea.
8. Food, water and prescription medicine. You may have to survive on your own for one, two, three or more days, keep a fresh stock of these necessities.  Also prepare for alternative ways to store and prepare food.
9. Portable potties, you can create your own portables, such as a plastic trash bag over a bucket.
10. And aside from knowing, practicing and actually doing the quake drills during an earthquake, you may also want to call on a higher power to get you through. Pray.

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Writer is a Certified City of Los Angeles Disaster Service Worker

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