Saturday, August 20, 2016

Be Careful On Those Cliffs

Woman Falls Off A Cliff

Point Fermin Park, San Pedro
It happened once again, two days ago, someone fell off the cliff at Point Fermin Park at San Pedro.

This mishap was only two weeks from when two other people fell to their deaths at the cliffs off Paseo Del Mar also at San Pedro.


LAPD Watch Commander and the LA CIty Coroner's office said it was an accident.

The thing is this kind of "accident" can be avoided if people would stop going over those four foot cement and metal fence barriers.

They are there for a good reason because the area sealed off is deemed unsafe and many other people in the past have had accidents and have died in the area. In fact in 2007, a USC Trojan football player was found dead at the bottom of the same cliffs on a Saturday afternoon.

The rocks and the trails on the other side of these fences are steep, they are slippery, the dirt loose, there is nothing to hold on to and the drop is anywhere from 75 to 100 feet straight down to the jagged rocks below (see photo below).

At both of these recent incidents those involved were only 24 years old and younger (24, 23 and 21 years old). And helicopters have to be called in to recover the bodies. Many of the people who do venture to cross those barriers are much too young to know of the many horrific deaths associated with these cliffs in the past decades.

Our Condolences

Anyway, these new victims are again much too young and have many years and dreams ahead of them. Our condolences to their families and loved ones. Again, be careful out there, respect the barriers and stay safe.

Point Vicente Light House and Cliffs at nearby Palos Verdes

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Photo Credit: Dylan & Hannah, and PKM

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