Friday, September 30, 2016

Higher Than Normal Chance of a Magnitude 7 or Larger Earthquake Until October 2016

Salton Sea Earthquake Swarm of September 2016

Map of recent quakes near the Salton Sea

The California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council (CEPEC) announced last Tuesday that due to the sequence of small earthquakes clustered near Bombay Beach, in the Salton Sea area could trigger a large earthquake (magnitude 7 and higher) on the San Andreas itself.

CEPEC believes this earthquake swarm may increase the probability of a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault to values between 0.03 % and 1.0 % for a magnitude 7.0 or larger earthquake occurring over the next week (or until 0900 hrs Pacific time, October 4, 2016). The Salton Sea area is  just west of the southern extension of the San Andreas Fault.

CEPEC recommends to residents of the affected areas to maintain a prudent level of earthquake preparedness (click link below for 10 Things to Do Now to Prepare for the Big One).

U.S. Geological Survey

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