Thursday, October 20, 2016

So Cal School District Bans Clown Costumes

Scary Clown
With several reports over unknown individuals dressing up as creepy clowns along with threats of violence and mayhem continuing and creating anxiety in many parts of the nation, another school district has banned clown costumes altogether in all of their school premises.

Although many of these reported disturbing clown sightings and threats were relatively harmless or even hoaxes, many of them have created havoc and are creating mass hysteria among the youth and their parents.

In light of these increasingly troubling incidents which have entered the So Cal area in early October, Tammy Khan, Public Information Officer of Torrance Unified School District have just announced that their school district will not allow anyone (students, teachers, staff, parents, anyone) who is wearing a clown costume in any TUSD school site .

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, by Kelly

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