Saturday, November 5, 2016

Election 2016: November 8, Go Out and Vote!

This election is definitely one for the record books.

Not only is California having a record number of registered voters, it also has a record number of propositions on the ballot and a record setting 224 page Voter Information Guide.

On the national level, no other time in recent memory are the American people so deeply divided as to what they stand for in the issues being decided as well as what's at stake.

Choose Your Poison

This is also the election year where the top two Presidential candidates are so much hated, so unpopular, so much maligned, and have so many criminal allegations against them, it's unprecendented if not downright unbelievable. The issues and the personalities involved have even divided friends and families.

It is so bad, many well known personalities have vowed to do unthinkable things and spend all their money in support of their candidate or to move out of  the country if the results don't go their way.

But the common folks just want to get all this over with and move on, some still live with or have gone back to live with their parents, many don't have a place to lay their heads for the night or pay their bills and loans and most can hardly find enough money to buy the groceries to last them until their next check.

Lots of people have already voted by mail and through early voting, but the bulk of the voters will have 7 AM until 8 PM on Tuesday, November 8th.

Whichever side of the fence you belong to in all the issues, do your assignment, prepare your sample ballots and go out and vote!

Remember, still no ballot selfies in California.

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