Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post November 8 America

Elections Are Over

The elections are over. It is over for you yet? Are you really glad that it is? Are you a nervous wreck? Everyone is.

Wait, did you participate in the elections? Did you actually vote?

Did you get yourself well-informed enough to have weighed all your options? Did you get to find out who was running in what position? Did you actually read about the individual measures and propositions and on what they were really about?

Can you honestly say that you voted in good conscience?

Post Election Question

Anyway, whatever your answers are, there is just this one last question that each of us must ask ourselves.

Am I proud of the way I acted throughout this election process? And am I proud of what I'm doing right now?

Have you acted civilly, have you been respectful of other people's opinions or of their personal stand on the issues that were involved?

Are you able to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you showed dignity and that you were honest, you didn't steal or destroy other people's property, and you didn't spread half-truths, instigate violence, hurl insults and call anyone names that if anyone else said about you, you'd see red and take them behind the gym bleachers?

Can you honestly say and tell your children's children that you took the high road? Or did you just convince yourself that 'the end justifies the means'?

And finally can you live with the results of the decisions you have made?

Moving Forward

The elections are over. It was long and bitterly fought. Today, America is divided in half and we need to accept that. What ever side of the divide we are in, we need to work together and respect each other to allow the healing to begin.

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